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About James Bond Island Tour From Krabi

One of the most popular holiday tours in Thailand, the James Bond Island tour from Krabi takes you on a tour of the beautiful James Bond Island. Although originally called the Khao Phing Kan islands, the island took its new name after having featured in the James Bond movie ‘Man with the Golden Gun.’

A part of the Phang Nga Bay National Park, the James Bond island tour from Krabi allows you to enjoy the full view of the island’s ravishing beauty. Once there, you are not only met by the pristine white sand beaches that surround it, but also get to spend a day amidst its natural setting. The James Bond Island Tour from Krabi comes in two variations- the speedboat tour and the longtail tour- which indicates the vessel that would ferry tourists from Krabi to the island.

Once at the Island, you will not be free to explore its beauty on your own accord, and also be treated to a sightseeing tour of some of the island’s best attractions, including the famous Monkey Caves and the local village of Panyee. Additionally, you will get the opportunity to take a kayak out to the waters by yourself. Of course, the Krabi to James Bond Island tour is an entirely guided one, with an English speaking guide accompanying throughout your journeys.


Why Book James Bond Island Tour From Krabi?

Although you can always purchase the tour while in Thailand, booking James Bond Island tour from Krabi online and in advance would allow you to plan your itinerary ahead. Besides, purchasing the Krabi to James Bond Island tour from the internet would secure you a good discount on the trip, as opposed to local vendors selling it at very high rates closer to the date. When you book your James Bond Island tour from Krabi online, you also get to cherry pick and select the inclusions you’d prefer in your packages, making the trip designed to your choices.

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James Bond Island


  • Bask in the alluring views of stunning blue waters as you sail through the waterways of James Bond Island
  • Explore the caves at Panak Island, or go swimming in its natural lagoon.
  • Pay a visit to Puddle Rock at James Bond Island, an unusual limestone rock formation
  • Explore the mangroves and witness the ancient paintings that have remained carved on its trunk for centuries
  • Relish a seaside lunch on the beaches of Panyi Island
  • Depending on your chosen package, you can either enjoy a dip in the cool waters of Lawa, or instead go snorkeling of the Khai island coast


  • Guide: English Thai-speaking guide
  • Meals Lunch at The Elephant Camp Snacks and breverages
  • Transfers: Round-trip transfers to and from your hotel Round-trip boat transportation
  • Activities: Kayaking Canoeing
  • Ticket: National park fees Pier and Bridge fee, if applicable
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Available James Bond Island Tours From Krabi

The James Bond Island tour from Krabi offers a great way to extend your vacation on the very popular Krabi Island. You are free to choose between a speedboat and a longtail boat tour, and will be ferried to the island on the vessel of your choice. Once at the James Bond Island, you will be treated to a fully guided tour of some of its biggest attractions, such as the Monkey Caves, the Suwannakhuha Temple, and the Panyee Village. You may also take out a canoe to the waters on your own.

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James Bond Island Tour
James Bond Island Speedboat Tour From Krabi

This James Bond Island Tour from Krabi, as suggested by its name, takes you on a speedboat tour across the archipelago. Surrounded by beautiful limestone cliffs on all sides, the island awaits with all its natural splendor. Once here, you will not only get to lounge along the white sand beach, but also explore some of the beachside caves at the island. You will also get the chance to take a canoe out to the waters and explore the stunning blue expanse.

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James Bond Island
James Bond Island Tour From Krabi By Longtail Boat

This James Bond Island tour from Krabi takes the very same route as the speedboat tour, except on the slow-paced, beautifully designed long tailed boat. You will be picked up from the hotel by your English speaking guide and transferred to the beautifully pristine James Bond Island on the longtails. Once at the island, tourists will get to explore some of the best attractions here, including the Suwannakhuha Temple, Panyee village, and Lot Cave. Interested travelers can also go spelunking at the revered Monkey Caves on James Bond. Alternatively, one could also go shopping at the Fruit Garden for a different experience.

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Tips For James Bond Island Tour From Krabi

James Bond Island Tour
  • Book your tours online and in advance to avoid any last minute hassles
  • Do carry a camera with you, as there will be plenty of opportunities there
  • Opt for the kayaking or canoeing tour just to add a little bit extra to the trip
  • Carry hats, caps and sunglasses along, as Thai islands are known to be sunny
  • Wear plenty of sunscreen- waterproof if possible!
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How far is James Bond Island from Krabi?

It takes about 45 minutes to an hour to travel to James Bond Island from Krabi by boat.

What is the minimum age required to book a James Bond Island Tour from Krabi?

There is no minimum age requirement to book the James Bond Island tour from Krabi. Minors should, however, be accompanied by adults for safety purposes.

What is the best James Bond Island tour from Krabi?

The best time to go for the James Bond Island tour from Krabi is during Thailand’s ‘dry season’. The drier months on the islands span between November and February, and the lack of rain during this time makes it ideal for outdoor activities such as island exploration.

Where is James Bond Island located?

James Bond island is located on the west coast of Thailand. The island is located just by the Phang Nga Bay of the Andaman Sea, and forms a part of the Phang Nga Bay National Park.

Do we have to book in advance for the James Bond Island Tour from Krabi?

While booking the James Bond Island tour from Krabi in advance is not mandatory, it is still highly recommended. Booking in advance will not only help you plan your own itinerary, but would also allow you to secure your tour, as the tour tends to sell out quickly. Booking the tour online would also let you secure a good discount on the overall price of the tour.

Are there water activities for kids at James Bond Island?

While there are no water activities tailored especially for children, children may accompany adults on the kayaking tour included in the James Bond Island tour.

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